National Grandparent’s Day

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Grandparents Day in Northern Michigan

Every year on the first Sunday in September, we recognize the role grandparents play in families by celebrating National Grandparents Day. Grandparents provide unconditional love, support, friendship and wisdom to the family. In return, grandchildren share laughter, energy and love.

Grandparenting Resources

As our population ages, grandparents have come to play a more prominent role in their grandchildren’s lives for many more years. As a result, grandparents may find themselves coping with situations for which they aren’t always prepared. Many find themselves with step-grandchildren and adopted grandchildren who might be a little older. Other grandparents are raising their grandchildren.

We thought it might be helpful to share a few of our favorite resources dedicated to supporting grandparents:

  •  American Grandparents Association offers a variety of activities grandparents can enjoy with grandchildren of all ages. They also give older adults a place to ask for advice from experts and share articles on a variety of aging-related issues.
  • How to Be a Better Grandparent is a guide that helps the older generation learn how to navigate the grandparent waters. It shares advice on the role you can play in a grandchild’s life, as well as pitfalls to avoid to keep out of trouble with your children.
  • Michigan Kinship Family Resource Center helps connect Michigan families that are parenting their grandchildren and other extended family members with resources across the state that can be of help.
  • Keep Your Grandkids Safe is a comprehensive resource that recognizes that while some of the issues grandparents face today are the same, they also face problems that previous generations didn’t. The article shares information ranging from the latest regulations on car seats to how to baby proof your home.
  • has great information for grandparents to explore. You can check to see if any of the baby beds, toys, high chairs and other baby supplies you may have used for an older grandchild is still safe to use.
  • 10 Things Grandchildren Can Learn from Their Grandparents explores topics ranging from your role in sharing the family history with your grandchild to games you can play together.
  • Step-Grandparenting: Like Grandparenting, Only Different is a good article if you are a new step-grandparent and aren’t quite sure how to find your place in your new grandchildren’s lives.


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