Is It Time to Move to a Senior Living Community?

Posted at May 14, 2014 | 44 Comments

6 Warning Signs That an Elderly Loved One Needs More Help

How to Tell an Elderly Loved One Needs Senior Living

The staff at Brook Retirement Communities is often asked by adult children in northern Michigan how they will know when it is time to encourage an aging loved one to move to a senior living community. Very rarely does an older adult want to move from their home and adult children frequently meet with resistance when broaching the subject. But, when safety becomes an issue, it is time to tackle the conversation.

What can you look for to decide if the time for a move to independent or assisted living has arrived?

Here is a list of 6 warning signs we share with families when they ask us that question.

  1. Have they had any recent falls? Do they seem to have difficulty walking and/or are they unsteady on their feet? Falls present a serious health risk for an aging loved one.
  2. Have they let housekeeping duties slide? If your normally tidy mother suddenly has a messy house, it could be an indication that she needs more help.
  3. Along those same lines, how is their personal appearance and hygiene? Are they wearing clothing for the wrong season? Have they let their own appearance go? These are considered early warning sides that they are struggling.
  4. Are they keeping up with personal finances? Or are they paying one bill twice while completely neglecting another? Are bills and mail stacked up unopened? These are also early indicators that more support might be needed.
  5. Has your loved one lost or gained weight? Is their refrigerator filled with mostly out-of-date foods? Is there trash full of fast food bags and wrappers? Poor nutrition is another sign that it may be time to make a move.
  6. Have they been making mistakes with medications? Forgetting to take medicines or taking them twice? Either way, mismanaging medications can present life-threatening consequences.



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