Aid & Attendance Benefit Can Help Northern Michigan Veterans Pay for Assisted Living

Posted at May 14, 2014 | 160 Comments

Senior Care Benefits for Veterans

Michigan veterans exploring options for senior care may be overlooking a little known benefit that can help with the medical expenses of assisted living. It is easy to understand why so few veterans are aware of the Aid & Attendance benefit. Detailed information on the benefit isn’t easy to come by, and the application process can be a lengthy one. But for those who qualify, it can make a real difference in managing the costs of assisted living care each month.

2013 Maximum Aid & Attendance Benefit Awards

The Aid & Attendance benefit is actually a supplement to a veteran’s monthly pension. It is available for both the veteran and their surviving spouse. Current 2013 benefit maximums are:

  • $2,054 for a married veteran
  • $1,732 for a single veteran
  • $1, 113 for the surviving spouse of a veteran

Qualifying for the Benefit

There are restrictions to receiving this additional benefit from the Veterans Administration:

  • The veteran must have served ninety days of active service. That includes at least one day of service during a period of war.
  • The veteran or their surviving spouse must need the daily aid and attendance of another person to help with personal functioning OR be considered bedridden OR be legally blind.
  • The final requirement is to pass an income and asset test. The amounts for this are set by Congress each year.

Applying for the Aid & Attendance Benefit

If you are a senior in northern Michigan, The Brook Retirement Community closest to you will be happy to help you begin this process.  For readers outside of northern Michigan, The Veteran’s Administration VA Pension page may be of help.

Have you applied for the Aid & Attendance benefit?

What was the biggest challenge in the application process?

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