6 Spring Allergy Tips for Seniors in Northern Michigan

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Spring is a beautiful time of year in Northern Michigan. Unfortunately, tulips and daffodils aren’t the only things that bloom in the spring. Ragweed and other pollen-producing plants also make their return. For northern Michigan senior citizens, allergy season presents different challenges than younger allergy sufferers face. High blood pressure may prohibit senior adults from taking anti-histamines that can help control the symptoms that make people feel so miserable. Pollen can also aggravate cardiac and pulmonary conditions common among older adults.

Seniors and Allergy Season

What can you do to help a senior loved survive allergy season?

6 Allergy Season Survival Tips for Older Adults in Northern Michigan

  1. Budget conscious seniors may only want to use their air conditioning on the hottest days of the summer. But for allergy sufferers, keeping windows closed and using the air conditioning on days where the pollen count is high can help prevent allergies from flaring up or minimize the impact. That is because keeping the house closed prevents many of the pollens and molds in the air from entering the house.
  2. Don’t hang clothing or linens outside to dry. Instead, hang them indoors to dry or use the clothes dryer. Left outside, they will attract pollen and other flying allergens.
  3. Wear sunglasses and a hat when you are outside. Both accessories help prevent pollen and other seasonal irritants from getting in to your eyes and hair.
  4. Schedule outings around peak pollen levels whenever you can. Several websites offer extended pollen outlooks that can make that easier to do. They will also send you an alert when pollen counts reach peak levels. A few to consider are The Weather Channel and The American Academy of Allergy Asthma and Immunology and Pollen.com.
  5. Try out a few natural remedies. Foods that help fight inflammation have been shown to relieve some of the symptoms of allergies. Consider adding more apples, walnuts, flax seed, ginger, oranges, and leafy green vegetables to your diet.
  6. Finally, make sure to remove the clothing you wore while working in the yard as soon as you get indoors and throw it in the laundry. A quick shower will also help. Both can prevent pollen from finding its way around your house.

Do you live in northern Michigan?

Have you found any natural remedies for coping with allergies?

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